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IBEW Local Union 20

Journeyman Referral Procedures and Rules

(Effective August 1, 2021)


Purpose:  To provide an orderly method of referring members and non-members to work


1.             All applicants will be required to personally fill out a registration card at the Local Union Hall to be placed on the “Available for work” list. Applicants may do so during business hours of the Local Union Hall, except during roll call. Applicants are responsible for providing any qualifying documentation to determine group status and eligibility (Dues receipt, termination slip, letter of introduction, work experience, residence).


2.             There shall be a Monthly Re-sign.  Each applicant whose name is on the “Available for work” list must re-register between the 10th and 16th of each month. Applicants may re-sign by mail, fax (972-263-1112), e-mail ( or in person.  Re-sign will require: Applicant’s name, address, home local #, and IBEW card # (driver’s license # for non-members). Signing the day sheet SHALL NOT be considered re-sign.  This policy is in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement Section 5.12 and applies to all Groups and Books.


3.             Any individual who receives two discharges for cause within twelve months will be suspended from future referral privileges until he/she appears before the Appeals Committee for a determination as to his/her continued eligibility for referral.


4.             Short calls will not exceed fourteen calendar days from the start of work (unless authorized by the Business Manager and stated in the call at referral). At the conclusion of all short calls a termination slip must be provided to the hall for the individual to maintain his/her relative position on the “Available for work” list.  (Do not rely on the contractor to give the local union a copy of the termination slip. It is the individual’s responsibility.)


Day Sheet


The “Available for work” list will be made accessible at 8:00am each working day that calls are available.  This excludes weekends, holidays, and/or days celebrated as holidays.


a.       In person applicants must highlight their name on the “Available for work” list between 8:00am and 8:30am to be eligible for roll call that morning.


b.       Applicants via telephone will have their name highlighted by the referral agent.


c.       The highlighted names on the “Available for work” list will constitute the “Day Sheet”


d.       The referral agent will pick up the “Day Sheet” at 8:30am and begin roll call.


e.       No applicant will be allowed to sign the “Day Sheet” after 8:30am.


A late sign-in sheet will be put out for anyone arriving after 8:30am that wishes to be referred for employment. Applicants should sign the late sign in sheet in the order they arrive.  After roll call, late arrivals will be referred in the order they signed.  To be referred from the late sign-in sheet your name must already be on the “Available for Work” list by roll call.



Available long calls will be offered to the first person on the “Day Sheet”, beginning at number one (1) and progressing through the list. Book I will be referred first, then Book II, Book III, and finally Book IV.  Late arrivals will be offered any remaining jobs, as outlined above, after the “Day Sheet” has been exhausted.


a.       Short calls will be referred first.  All short calls will begin at the next position after the last referred short call on Book I.


b.       Long calls will be offered immediately after short calls.


Any applicant who takes a referral via telephone must be able to report to the hall, in person, by 11:00AM on the day of referral. Any applicant who fails to do so must re-register and will be placed at the bottom of the “Available for work” list. An individual failing to report timely for referral three times may be suspended from using the telephone dispatch system.


Registrants will be allowed two turndowns without penalty and be removed from the “Available for work” list for a third turndown.  Being unavailable for referral when work would have been offered to the registrant shall be considered a turndown.


Rejection of an applicant by an employer is not a turndown, unless the applicant requested to be rejected. Any applicant who takes a referral and returns it must re-register and will be placed at the bottom of the “Available for work” list.


Any applicant who takes a referral and is sent back to the hall after failing to meet pre hire requirements (drug test, background check, etc.) must re- register and will be placed at the bottom of the “Available for work” list.


Any applicant taking a referral requiring “Special Skills” who is discharged for not possessing such skills must re- register and will be placed at the bottom of the “Available for work” list.


The Business Manager is responsible for filling all calls in a timely manner as needed by the employers.  At the Business Manager’s discretion, referrals may be made outside normal hours.  He or She may also use whatever means necessary to fill the calls.



The Nightline to check the calls for the next day 972-263-1122 enter 3. Calls are posted at



                Job calls left on the nightline or listed on the Local 20 website are offered as a convenience for those seeking work. Local 20 is not responsible for mechanical failure, telephone failure, administrative error or calls that are subsequently cancelled by the requesting employer.


Any complaints regarding the administration of the referral procedure should be submitted in writing by certified mail to the Business Manager, c/o IBEW Local Union 20, 684 West Tarrant Rd., Grand Prairie, TX 75050.